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Singers attending VocalBooth Studios come from every level of musical background and experience, vocal style and genres and all have different ambitions for their singing career, be it from just a hobby to a professional career. The following are what some of the singers attending our studios have to say about their journey of vocal training with us. 




Pamela and her colleagues are doing a brilliant job at VocalBooth Studios.
Pamela has been my vocal coach for the past two years and her vast knowledge of vocal technique has really increased my vocal ability. She is not only an amazing performer herself but she is also great at the technical aspect of the voice, making sure that the advices given during lessons are easily understandood During lessons the main focus is to learn and explore terms related to using right vocal techniques such as breathing, voice control, diaphragm support and anchoring, vowel technique and vocal ability exercises, song interpretation and much more.
My experience in VocalBooth Studios is surely a positive one for the fact that I am being coached in a professional way and the friendly and relaxed atmosphere make the lessons more interesting and fun.


- Michela, 24


It has been a year since I attended my first singing lesson, and I can honestly say that it has been a wonderful and enriching experience so far. Thanks to my mentor's, Pamela Bezzina's, constant dedication, attention and advice I am now growing as a singer. During the lessons I am exposed to different styles and techniques which help me better my talent. Throughout this year I've also been introduced to new music. During the lessons, I've experimented with different songs; some of which were ones which I wasn't originally familiar to, but now love. There were also other songs and music styles which prior to these lessons I used to find hard to do and wouldn't feel comfortable singing. These lessons have not only helped me increase my vocal range and learn the right techniques, but they have also increased my confidence. Pamela's words of encouragement are key to my improvement, as she helps me to perspire, push on, and keep trying. VocalBooth Studios has provided me with a lot of fun, informative and engaging lessons, as well as a sense of belonging, for everyone is really friendly and always ready to help.


- Christabel, 19

« Music is life, that’s why our hearts have beats » This is a quote  that is stencilled on one of the tutors’ room at the VocalBooth Studios. These studios with the professional help the tutors, truly bring this quote to life.The passion and love for music is the essence of each and every lesson and this is surely passed onto us as students. My journey these past years has led me to discover a whole new dimension of music, has made my passion for song deepen and has made music an everlasting part of my life. A big thanks goes to Pamela, my tutor, for always giving the sincere advice and for instilling in me and all of her students the true meaning of singing as she strives to give attention to detail such as technique and interpretation. Whenever a song is being interpreted in our lesson one repetitive advice by Pamela is, “Put your heart into the song and most importantly, enjoy it!" 


  - Karl, 28. 



I have been attending lessons for about 3 years now. My aim was to develop my talent further, and learn the appropriate techniques to care for my voice whilst bringing the best out of it. I can safely say that my aims have been reached! Since Pamela is a trained Speech-Language Pathologist, she has a thorough understanding of the voice, and can adapt exercises to each voice type, as well as the condition of the voice on a particular day. I have found her warm-up techniques to be very effective, and have developed an understanding of different voice qualities and how to control my voice. As a result, I feel that my range has increased, as has my confidence. Vocal Booth Studios also offer preparation for vocal exams, and I have completed Grades 2 and 3 Trinity Rock and Pop exams, obtaining a Distinction each time. The new studios are fully equipped and provide a stylish and relaxed atmosphere which is conducive to an amazing experience every lesson!


- Kirsten, 32                     

This past year, voice training with Glen Vella has been a blissful experience.  Lessons are always extremely interesting and full of facts about music and I always look forward for my lesson. He teaches me with patience and I know I can always bank on his advice. From the first day, Glen has encouraged me and gave me the opportunitie to take part in different singing shows and musical projects. Apart from taking individual lessons with Glen, I am also part of  the Teen Vocal Troupes and this has been an amazing experience so far. During Troupes, different voices are combined to create different harmonies and different styles of music and I am learning about yet another aspect of singing i.e. being able to sing properly in a group, musicality and harmony. I thank Glen Vella for giving me such great and wonderful experiences and for being so supportive.


  - Yanica , 15

After my very first singing lesson at VocalBooth Studios, I instantly realised that singing was going to become a very essential part of my life. Pamela, my vocal coach and mentor, helped me explore many aspect of my voice that I was not aware of. Working on voice technique helped me use my voice to its maximum potential without abusing or straining my voice. Sessions on musicality and song interpretation also made me realise that I can sing many songs and twist them round in my favourite style, which makes singing more interesting and creative. I always look forward to each and every session, be it individual or with Vocal Troupes, since during the latter I enjoy myself sharing music with my peers, have lots of fun and learn more about group dynamics, team work in music and harmonies. VocalBooth Studios has also made me realise that music is what I want to do and it fulfills me completely. 


 - Isaac, 14


I started taking singing seriously only about two years ago. I loved music since I was a child, however I never knew from where to start and to develop my singing and I was also very shy and lacked confidence. Here atVocalBooth Studios, I managed to  get to know myself better especially as a singer and I was exposed to observe and feel what the real world of singing is like. Glen, my tutor helped me explore new dimensions to my voice and he also guides me great dedication towards interpreting a song with attention to detail. I can say that nowadays I can't imagine myself without singing and learning at VocalBooth Studios made music much more significant to me thanks to the two pillars of our team, my tutor Glen Vella, and his sister-in-music Pamela Bezzina.


- Kyle, 19

I have been singing since the age of 4 and was coached by various talented and  dedicated vocal coaches but I must say that I'm very confident and comfortable working with Pamela.  I've been attending to lessons for these last  15 months. Throughout this time, I was introduced the basic vocal techniques and moved on to more advanced ones including breathing, voice control, range extension, resonance, voice flexibility,  song interpretation, improvisation, changing registers and register blending, musicality, healthy vs unhealthy vocal habits, musicality such as major/minor/pentatonic scales, runs and riffs, diaphragmatic support and anchoring.

My experiences  at  Vocalbooth studios have been amazing, challenging, and  very satisfactory so far . Each and every lesson is always real fun and I feel that I am improving each and every week.  Singers attending Vocalbooth studios have the opportunity to perform in various local events and in Summer, an annual showcase is held for all students to perform live in front of other professionals in the music industry and a warm audience. I encourage  singers out there who have a passion for music to start attending lessons in Vocalbooth studios,  and I assure you that you will be professionally taught and you will not regret it.


- Michela, 17

I had never had any singing lessons before, and as a beginner it was surely a great start for me at VocalBooth Studios. I'm learning a lot of things that really help me  improve my voice and I am also exposed to much more passion for music and song interpretation. I have also learned how to take care of my voice and how to avoid any strain on my vocal cords, together with vocal techniques that are really useful to use my voice effectively with every song I sing. This is all thanks to my tutor Pamela who guides me through each and every song with continuous professional advice. I am looking forward for more exciting singing  sessions and opportunities and I am sure that Vocalbooth Studios will be behind me for all the support I need! 


- Vernie, 20

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